If you haven’t heard of the news yet, the Mystery Inc. gang is coming back to solve a mystery on the big screens once again!

After several years since the release of Scobby-Doo 2: Monsters Unleashed in 2004, the gang that captured our hearts since the 1969-1970 series ‘Scooby-Doo, Where Are You!’ is coming back to the theaters, in their animated selves, with production title ‘Scoobs’.

While few of the cast has been named already, Fred Jones and Daphne Blake is still missing from the gang. And yes, you guessed it right. Zac Efron and Amanda Seyfried will voice Fred and Daphne consecutively.

Joining them in the production are Gina Rodriguez who will voice Velma Dinkley, the gang member who is known for her brains and logic; Will Forte who will voice Shaggy, the best friend of Scooby who typically spends most of his time getting scared and eating, and then some more feeling scared; Frank Welker will voice Scooby, the popular four-legged pal of Shaggy.

There will be another character in this animated film that’s not part of the original squad. Tracy Morgan will be voicing Captain Caveman, another character from the Hanna-Barbera cartoon universe.

In this installment, the gang will join forces with Captain Caveman to save the world from the evil plans of Dick Dastardly.

The animated film will be directed by Tony Cervone, while Chris Columbus, Charles Roven, and Allison Abbate will produce the feature.

Scoobs will hit the theaters next year, May 15th.

Photo Credit: Credit: Courtesy of Warner Bros.