Just over a week ago, the official trailer for ‘Downton Abbey’ was finally released. The upcoming movie—based on the well-received ITV period drama—is set to continue right where the final series left off as the characters find themselves facing all sorts of new challenges whilst living their daily lives in the middle of the 1920s.

In the trailer, we find out the main challenge that the Crawley family and their household staff are now set to face: “the king and queen are coming to stay.” And as expected in any wealthy English household bearing a title at the time expecting royal guests, chaos ensues. At first, we see the look of surprise of the Crawley’s, specifically Lord Grantham and Lady Mary, upon hearing the news. Upon arrival of the latter, we then see the Crawley’s staff and His Royal Highnesses’ staff already getting off on the wrong foot with each other as one tries to offer warm help while the other just wants things to play out as perfectly, or in this case as royally, as they can without any interference. The Crawley household staff are then seen to be conjuring up a plan to “defend Downton’s honor” and to prove that they are just as capable of providing the most exquisite royal experience as any official royal staff can.

Old faces also return to the big screen such as Mr. Carson, the Crawley’s long-time head butler who retired in the sixth and final series of the show as his character suffered from palsy, as he is recruited back by Lady Mary into what seems to be the biggest hosting event in Crawley history.

Of course, in line with Downton Abbey’s signature storyline, a spark of attraction is seen between new character Lucy, maid of Lady Bagshaw (also a new character), and Tom Branson, ex-chauffeur of the Crawley’s who is now part of the family as he married Sybil, Lord Grantham’s youngest daughter back in series 2. Difficulties arise between the two’s blooming romance as the fact of societal status is brought back into light. Nevertheless, to add in some humor, Lady Bagshaw and the Dowager Countess of Grantham are also seen to form that good ol’ bickering duo between two aristocratic ladies. Maybe one can even find additional humor in the duo given that they are played by actresses Imelda Staunton and Maggie Smith respectively who have also starred together and shared scenes in ‘Harry Potter’ back then.

Even the Crawleys find themselves questioning whether or not they are worthy enough to host such an event like this. Although, their staff does manage to encourage them not to give up since, “Downton Abbey’s the heart of this community and [they’re the ones] keeping it beating.”

‘Downton Abbey’ is set to be released on September 13th and 20th, 2019 in the United Kingdom and United States respectively. #DowntonAbbeyFilm