Singer Yeng Constantino took to Facebook Monday night her letter of apology addressing the Siargao doctor shaming incident. In the letter, she says that she only acted the way she did because of the emotions brought by the accident of her husband, Yan Asuncion.

After careful processing and help from peers did she realize how there are no excuses for her actions and that she will be more responsible in airing out her concerns in the future.

Regarding the Siargao incident, yung mga recent posts ko was brought about by my high emotions dahil sa nangyari sa…

Posted by Yeng Constantino on Monday, July 22, 2019

It was only a few days since Yeng shared their experience in Siargao which wreaked havoc on the internet scene. She posted a vlog on Youtube (now deleted) which contained her rants about the lack of medical equipment on the island and the negligence of the medical practitioners.

More than that, Yeng also posted online the name and photo of her husband’s doctor who was allegedly acting too complacent during the situation.

Moments later, #NoToDoctorShaming trends on Twitter. Netizens, especially medical students and professionals bravely called out Yeng on the course of her actions and that what she did was a form of cyberbullying. Other online peers decide to report her vlog as “abusive or hateful.” They pointed out that it should be taken down because the singer is making money off of every video she posts.

Some played devil’s advocate and said that it was natural for Yeng to let emotions get the best of her because of the intense position her husband was in. However, they also said that she should have handled the situation better and that she should have not posted the name and picture of the doctor and conveyed her concerns in the proper platform and manner as she is a public figure who many look up to.

Photo credit: Yeng Constantino Facebook Page