Alex Gonzaga is known for her talent and funny personality. People in showbiz are very fond of the young actress as she spreads happiness wherever she goes and for having the qualities of a true friend. Aside from her friends in the industry, Alex’s number one victim has always been her best friend and sister, Toni Gonzaga. The Gonzaga sisters live by the statement that they’re “sisters by blood, best friends by choice”.

You may have seen Toni and Alex in various talk shows and TV guestings together making people fall off their chairs laughing but just when we thought we’ve seen everything, the Gonzaga sisters stirred up something new. As the younger Gonzaga ventures on a new hobby, she made sure that her older sister will be a part of it.

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Alex uploaded on Monday her first video-blog entry as she is now into video-blogging or what we often call vlogging. Her first vlog is a makeup tutorial where she did her Ate Toni’s “Natural Brownie Makeup” and people who have watched it can’t get enough of the duo.

“I always put liquid foundation for the face. Bakit kailangan natin ng liquid foundation? Let’s face it, you’re not that pretty.” Alex said to her sister who playfully smacked her in the arm.

On a more serious note, fans of the Gonzaga sisters are very happy of Alex’s new hobby and are very supportive of her. The video has 453,944 views as of the moment and lands on #17 ranking of trending videos being watched on YouTube. Her humorous vlog as her first entry is indeed a good start for our local AG.

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