Kendall Jenner was seen wearing cornrow braids…again. And Twitter is just not having it. Jenner was spotted wearing the braids last August 23 when she went out with her sister, Kylie on a night out in Los Angeles. While you’d think this fashion statement isn’t the most earth-shattering news of the month, people were quick to call out the model on appropriating black culture.

Photo from Kendall Jenner’s Instagram story

Someone tweeted, “I’m EXHAUSTED of white people constantly appropriating black culture and wearing hairstyles that we are always ridiculed/ chastised for having and just doing it because they want to ‘look different’ or ‘stand out’”.

She went to go as far as to wishing Jenner’s hair to fall out.

But this is not the first time the family was openly criticized for wearing the hairstyle. Jenner’s older sister, Kim Kardashian, has been subjected to a very public backlash with her braids when she was seen wearing the particular style at the MTV Movie Awards.

Others, however, have commented online that they don’t see anything wrong with the cornrow braids on white women. A user stated that she was “exhausted [from] reading tweets from people with nothing to do but criticize hairstyle.”

What’s your take on this cornrow braid situation? Should the hairdo really be seen only on women of color?

Photo Credit: Kendall Jenner Official Instagram