More than a decade of service in the field of entertainment, Celestine Cruz Gonzaga-Soriano, famously known as Toni Gonzaga decided to enter the field of video vlog or vlogging as she launched her first video on Sunday.

“Today, January 20, 2019, I have decided to welcome you to my YouTube channel. I have dedicated a huge part of my life to the entertainment industry” she said.

Toni Gonzaga has been known as the Ultimate Multimedia Star having played famous roles as a host in the reality show, PBB; an actress in romantic comedy and dramas such as, You’re My Boss, Last Night, Four Sisters and a Wedding, and many more. In the field of music, she had sang a lot of remarkable songs including: I’ve Fallen For You, Crazy For You, Catch Me I’m Falling, etc.

Aside from being a television personality, many moms and adults are looking up to her as she displays an image of being a caring mother and loving wife to her family, a daughter to her parents and an ate to one of the famous vloggers, Alex Gonzaga.

She also added, “This channel is not about what I do for a living. This is all about me living, living my best life now with my family and with Seve, who changed my world completely.”

People are looking forward to her future vlogs as motivation for she already stated that she wants to connect and to inspire people. Welcome to the world of vlogging, Toni!