Weeks from now, we will be enveloped in the raging heat of Mr. Sun and as much as we girls want to keep our hair long, it’s a little bit hard to maintain it because of the heat. Now is the perfect time to chop off some hair and rock a new hairdo just like what Toni Gonzaga did.

Aside keeping yourself light and presko, this short-layered bob hair style would also suit women who has no time to style their hair. Sporting a short hair like this is one of Toni’s high school dream and last Sunday, she posted on her Instagram story that she finally did it.

With the help of one of the most famous hair stylists, Alex Carbonell, Toni’s haircut was beautiful than ever. And if you ever want to sport the same hairdo as Toni’s, Studio Fix by Alex Carbonell got your back as they share the details.

Just before the long Holy Week break, @studiofixbyalexcarbonell inspires those ladies who desire to have a feminine short layered bob worn by my MUSE @celestinegonzaga ..And, for those who want the details of the cut, let me share the important key points: 1. From ear to ear, around the nape area, a flat layered in point cutting technique to shape Toni’s hairline. Or you may use a feather razor for seamless and soft texture. At this point, Toni was breathless! 7 inches were cut off! 2. On the crown area, cut the overlay on flat layer in point cut. Texture for uneven length. The idea is to have the pouf! She loves the Pouf! 3. On both sides, cut hair in “J” direction; short to long. Maintain the symmetry from back to sides. Over-direct for a longer sides. Nice! 4. Fringe: pivotal cut for lightness. 5. Crown and Quirk: TRADE SECRET GUYS. 😇 Usually, the drama is my PASSION. And Toni was really watching me!!! #studiofixbyalexcarbonell #alextraordinaire #alexcarbonell #hairgoals #tonigonzaga #celebrityph

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Judging from the photos, we can say that Toni is really loving and rocking her new look.