“This is very difficult for me to write, and for many of you, it will be painful to read,” he started, on his blog ‘Writing on Air by Jim Paredes’.

Initially retaliating by saying that the video was fake, he soon after admitted that it was indeed true.

He wrote, “The video was real. It was private, and not meant for public consumption. I do not know how it became public.”

In his apology, he alluded the leaking of the video as a blatant attack on him and his political agenda.

The APO Hiking Society member is recognized as one of the public figures who criticize the current administration. He cited the incident as a product of an attempt to dirty his name.

“I can only surmise that in this ugly season of toxic politics, muckrakers determined to neutralize my influence by violating my privacy and digging up dirt on me are at work.”

Paredes, after a careful deliberation, “decided to come clean.” He claimed “there are already too many lies and liars in this world” and that “[he] did not wish to be part of that cabal.”

As an afternote, he admitted his fault in the situation and apologized for his wrongdoing:

“Today, I wish to express my truth. I am a flawed person, a human being, much like everyone else. I made a mistake, I was irresponsible. And I am truly sorry.”