If you’ve been following the local entertainment scene, you’d probably know by now that IT girls, Isabelle Daza, Georgina Wilson, and Liz Uy have started setting up their little families all beginning with each of their own baby boy. And honestly, we were seriously just waiting for the SOSBOLZ couple to follow!

But the anticipation is over! While we knew that beautiful husband and wife are set to have a child, they’ve revealed the gender, and it’s a baby girl! Bolzico took to Instagram to post a lengthy description of rules for courting his baby!

“We are having a baby girl! We were not supposed to reveal the gender until she is born, but since she is a girl, I decided to raise this topic now because there are some warnings that must be spoken to the world.
First, in my head, nobody is good enough for my girl, I might be wrong, but nobody will make me change my mind. For all my friends with baby boys aged from -2 (not born yet) to 5, no matter how close we are, you must know that our friendship will expire in 14 years.

Of course I am a modern dad, and I understand that some boys will want to court my girl in the future, so I already put in place a very simple and super fair system that every suitor will have to go through to have a chance to court my baby girl (I will call her baby girl even if she is 20 and she gets embarrassed in front of her friends).

Stage One: The #Patato Challenge

This challenge will be strictly supervised by #Pechuga and it is very simple, the boy (from now on The Suitor) and me will place a piece of broccoli one meter apart from each other and #Patato will choose, if he chooses his broccoli then we move to Stage Two

Stage Two: Staring competition with #ElGato

The suitor will have to compete with #ElGato on a staring competition where the one that blinks first loses. In the case that the suitor beats #ElGato then he will move to Stage Three.

Stage Three: The #Pochola Effect

The suitor will have to walk #Pocholaevery morning at 6am and every night at 9pm, for 2 weeks, missing one day or arriving late will result in elimination. If #Pochola is properly walked, including regular visits to #Oreo and #Monty (her best friends), then the suitor will have unlocked the 3 pet stages, moving on to human interaction.

The suitor will sit down with me, in a dark room with one light in one table, where I will ask 100 questions and he must answer fast. Failing in one answer question will result in elimination.

After, the suitor will have earned the right to take my girl on a date. The first 3 dates I will personally join in a separate table.

#Wifezilla thinks I am crazy and doesnt want to be part of this! I guess she is not a modern parent as me.

#BabyBolz @solenn”

To this, celebrity friends, Isabelle Daza and Georgina Wilson commented that their own baby boys were to date BabyBolz!


Who do you think is the better suitor?

Photo Credit: Nico Bolzico Official Instagram