Shining shimmering in the eyes of Will Smith and Alan Menken when Morissette Amon sang “A Whole New World” in front of them.

Singer Morissette Amon and Daren Espanto had taken us to a ‘Whole New World’ when they were chosen by Disney to sing their own version of the Aladdin theme song. The song has been revived by popular artists, including Lea Salonga and Jose Mari Chan in 1993, Nick Lachey and Jessica Simpson in 2004, and Peter Andre and Katie Price in 2006.

Darren believes being hand-picked by the Disney Company will showcase the Pinoy Talents in the world stage.

Alan Menken, a composer of the song “a Whole New World”, said that Lea Salonga, a famous Broadway Singer who also sang the original version of the “A Whole New World”, talks about how amazing Morissette is.

Due to prior commitments, Darren Espanto hasn’t able to meet the famous Will Smith and Alan Menken. But despite this, Will Smith wished that he would love to watch Darren and Morissette sang together.

Morissette went on to do a duet with Alan Menken instead, granting Will Smith’s wishes.
With Alan Menken on piano, he turned the key higher than expected. But with Morissette’s amazing voice he reached the high note and impressed Alan Menken.

Photo Credit: Wish 107.5 Official YouTube Channel