Known for his popular songs “Stiches,” “Treat You Better,” and “Nervous” to name a few among his other good tracks as well, Shawn Mendes is definitely an artist that the media should look out for.

Photo Credit: Shawn Mendes – Nervous Music Video

The 20-year old pop star is apparently considering an acting career in the pop culture industry. In fact, during his Tour at Turin, Italy, Shawn Mendes revealed that he might be seen in a movie any time soon, in the near future!

In a event video uploaded on Twitter by @PopCrave, Shawn Mendes relayed the words “I think there will be one sooner than you guys think” to his fans at the concert that caused the audience to break their silence and gush and giggles over the information.

During the 2018 MTV Video Music Awards, Mendes told a Variety reporter on the red carpet that he’s hoping to be delve into an acting career “very soon.” The singer-songwriter even referred himself in third person saying, “Shawn Mendes has to stop touring as much to start acting.”

And it seems like he’s done bothered at all with the kind of role he will be portraying. When asked his ideal role to play, he said, “Anything, I think finding the right role is the right role and not about the type of film or whatever. But, yeah, I want to do it soon.”

During the same interview on VMA red carpet, Mendes said that there has been quite a “few scripts” that was thrown to him and these scripts, as he says, are “incredible,” so he hopes “something is gonna come soon.”

Shawn Mendes has been preparing for this career. He even said, when asked if he’d attended any acting classes, he responded, “I’ve done a couple, I think maybe I’ll do a couple more in the future.”

While it is still unclear what lies ahead of the acting career of the singer, it’s also important to observe that Mendes has appeared in the CW Show “The 100”, so we could say he definitely has what it takes.

Do you think Shawn Mendes has acting in his blood (pun intended)?