The Netflix series “Insatiable” cast will be visiting Manila this October 8 because of a promise they made with one of our own, their co-star Gloria Diaz.

“Dallas and I loved working with her (Gloria Diaz). And we promised her we’ll visit Manila to see her and all of you. And Queens keep their promises. And guess what, we’re both coming to Manila. So see you guys next week,” Debby Ryan said via social media. 

Actors of the show, Debby Ryan (Patty Bladell) and Dallas Roberts (Bob Armstrong) will be attending a rumored event that may or may not be related to the hit series, i.e. an actual pageant. 

Netflix is currently allowing anyone in the Philippines, with an account or not, to watch the first episode of Season 1 of Insatiable. The next season installment of this series will also roll in a few days after their visit on October 11.