The 35-year old superstar and award-winning singer, Beyoncé finally gave birth to twins in a medical center in Los Angeles. There’s no confirmed date yet about the exact birth date of the twins, and there hasn’t been any official announcement from Beyoncé herself, but her fans are wishing them all the best throughout her recovery stage. Her fans also congratulatesd her for successfully delivering her new-born babies.

Another blessing has been added to the singer’s growing family. Beyoncé has been married to rapper, Jay Z since 2008 and they already have one beautiful 5-year old daughter named Blue Ivy Carter.

Now Beyoncé and Jay Z welcomed their new angels as Beyoncé recently gave birth to their twins. The news was confirmed by Queen Bey’s father who posted a picture of a birthday note that says, ‘Happy Birthday to the twins. Love, Granddad.’

During Beyoncé’s pregancy, she has always been proud about carrying the babies in her womb who will soon be part of their family. She expressed how blessed she felt about her pregnancy. Months before she gave birth, she posted a photo of her showing off her baby bump on her Instagram account, saying her family wants to share the love and happiness to everyone.

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Fans are going hysteric right now. All of them can’t wait to get a glimpse of the twins. They’re practically begging Beyoncé to post a picture of her new babies, or at least give them some updates. But of course, it was all said in a joking way as they all understand that Beyoncé is in the process of recovering.

The twins are reportedly a boy and a girl. They were born under the Gemini zodiac sign which greatly symbolize ‘twins’.