Pia Wurtzbach sat down with Boy Abunda for an intimate discussion on what’s next in her life. Wurtzbach recalled getting asked by Paula Shugart, the president of the Miss Universe Organization, what she wanted after winning the crown. She said that she had many career plans as well as personal plans, but mostly her main goal was to be happy. “It sounds so simple,” she said, “but it’s actually one of the hardest things to achieve.” She noted that it takes strength to be happy in this world, because it “will test you everyday.” She admitted that she is not sure where she sees herself in the next five or ten years and despite what people think, she doesn’t have it all figured out.

She shared that she believes strong women are born out of the struggles and failures that they go through in life. Though many people only know her story from when she won the crown, she shared that she once worked as a waitress, and even as a factory worker when she lived in the UK. She said she has a huge amount of respect for people working in the service industry because she knows how difficult it is, and she tries to treat them as best as she can.

Wurtzbach gushed about her niece and nephew, Lara and Logan, and even teared up when she shared that the thought of her family keeps her motivated to work when she feels down or unsure. She said she thinks of her niece and nephew as if they are her own children, but she admitted that her and boyfriend Marlon Stockinger are not yet talking about getting married or having kids. Though she said the two are “very happy,” the both still have personal goals to achieve before even thinking about settling down. She called him her “best friend” and said that he “knows Pia, not Miss Univserse.”

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She ended the interview by saying that now, three years since winning the crown, she is ready to introduce herself to the world not as Miss Universe, but simply as Pia.