During the 3rd quarter of the Star Magic All Star Game, actor JC De Vera fouled Daniel Padilla, which brought tension inside the court. Images and videos of the scene are now all around the internet as many people were able to keep a record of it. However, what many thought would be tension that only remained in court, quickly escalated to something bigger.

This post garnered 197 shares and one of them is a friend of Paul Salas whose caption on the photo caught fans’ attention. Salas’ friend didn’t mention Padilla’s name but fans are confident that the group was referring to the Teen King as he is a fan of Steph Curry who’s a player of The Golden State Warriors.

Photo credits to the owner

Soon after, a KathNiel fan wasn’t able to hold her temper and tweeted to Paul Salas and his friends regarding the issue, even adding a dare. She wrote: “Hello po. I dare Paul Salas and friends to tell these straight to Daniel’s face. Please RT. Let’s help them find their balls.”

Many people retweeted the post until Marco Gumabao, Daniel’s teammate and friend, was able to notice it. He answered the tweet and quoted “Hahahahaha ano to,” “game naman ako 5 on 5,” tagging their other teammate Patrick Sugui and the representative from the other party, Paul Salas. It was not long until the Teen King noticed Gumabao’s tweet and replied to it. Soon, the floor started heating up.

There were no more exchanges of tweets between Daniel and Paul after but netizens were quick to notice Kathryn Bernardo and Barbie Imperial’s tweets which are presumed to be about the issue as well.

Many fans are anticipating the heated face-off game of the two camps. However, as of now, both parties are keeping mum until the said game.