Makoto Shinkai, the genius director behind the 2016 hit film Kimi No Na Wa, is set to release another heartbreakingly touching film entitled Tenki no Ko (Weathering You). It first premiered in Japan last July 19 and immediately achieved box-office success and positive reception. Within the first 11 days of its run, Weathering You has already racked up more than 4 billion yen (over 35 million USD) in ticket sales. The film will be released worldwide, which also includes a North American premiere at the Toronto International Film Festival in September.

Filipino fans can catch ‘Weathering You’ at SM Cinemas starting on August 21.

Weathering You tells the story of Hodaka, a high school students who runs away from his secluded island home to go to Tokyo. He finds himself alone and in need of money, eventually taking up a job at a shady occult magazine to get by. He meets a brilliant young woman named Hina in the midst of a gloomy and rainy Tokyo. He later discovers that Hina has the special ability to stop the seemingly endless rain and clear the sky.

Much like Kimi No Na Wa, the stunning animation in Weathering You incorporates several real-life places from downtown Tokyo. The old building seen in the trailer is modeled after the Yoyogi Kaikan, an eight-story structure just a few minutes away from the Yoyogi station. Although it doesn’t have its own rooftop shrine, the one seen in the film may have been inspired by the Asahi Inari shrine in Ginza, which is dedicated to the god of commerce. The Shinjuku branches of restaurants like McDonald’s and ramen chain Tenka Ippin also make appearances in the film as key locations in the characters’ storyline, as well as Shiba Park and a plaza in Odaiba. While you may be able to visit most of these sites yourselves in the future (and maybe recreate a few scenes too!), the Yoyogi Kaikan building is sadly expected to be torn down this August.

Photo Credit: Tenki no Ko Movie Official Twitter (@tenkinoko_movie)