Migo Adecer or Douglas Errol Dreyfus Adecer was arrested last Tuesday night, March 26, for the violations he did while drinking.

He bumped into two MMDA officers while riding a sports car where he reportedly did not check on the ones he knocked over and just went on his way. The police went after him but he refused to give his license to them and continued his way. This resulted in a chase between him and the police where the police cornered and arrested him.

He stayed the night in the Makati City police station and bailed the day after. The young actor’s lawyer, Marie Glen Abraham-Garduque stated that it was not a pleasant experience for the young man and that he learned a lot from the incident. She also delivered his apology to those who were affected by the accident he caused.

As for the police, they also apologized to them and explained that resisting the police was not what Migo intended. It was just a result of confusion and fear about the situation that pushed the lad to do it.

In another interview, Migo’s lawyer said that he did not know that he already knocked down the riders which was the reason why he just went on without checking on them.

He is set to participate in arraignment and pre-trial that is scheduled on April 25.

Photo Credit: Migo Adecer’s Official Facebook Page