On a recent interview on Ellen, Kylie Jenner, along with Kardashian Momager, Kris opened up about the Kylie’s oldest sisters always joking about her paying for their family trips. Super understandable, in our opinion, as the youngest of the reality show clan is making some serious bucks.

Ellen said, “[Your sisters] have all been working for years and suddenly you come along, and you’re the youngest and you’re a billionaire…Do they give you a hard time?” To this, Jenner replied, “It’s only when we’re in a group chat talking about [how] we should go on a trip. And then everyone’s like, ‘Kylie? Question mark? Are you gonna pay for it?’ Just stuff like that. But they just joke with me, just sisters. But they’re all really proud of me, for sure.”

But it’s not as if the family really expects her to pay for everything, right? Or do they? Check out the video below!

Photo Credit: Kylie Jenner Official Instagram