For the premiere of Keeping Up With the Kardashian’s 17 season, Khloe Kardashian talks about her feelings towards the whole Jordyn Woods and Tristan Thompson cheating scandal. She says, “I really am just trying to figure out my own life at the moment. I have so many raw emotions toward Tristan. I’m just healing and processing and going through motions, I guess.”

She also reveals that NBA player, Thompson, is still desperately trying to win her back by sending flowers and flooding her phone with texts and calls.

And prior to their daughter, True’s birthday party, she invites him over to talk so things wouldn’t be as awkward in the actual celebration. She tells her assistant, “It was fine. At first he texted saying I’m here, and I brought True to the door to answer and she was so excited and it was really cute. Then literally he was just kind of lingering so I’m like…are you going to put her to sleep tonight? [But he stayed] with intention to see me. He’s like…do you want to grab a glass of wine? I’m like…it must say dumb f***ing w**ore on my forehead. And then he’s like…can I have a hug, so I one-arm hugged him, but that’s not nice enough. He tried to kiss me. I’m like…that’s the problem with you. You can’t just take what you get. The next morning he’s like, thank you for letting me see True. She looked great and you looked even better.”

Just when we thought he’d changed… Khloe truly deserves more!

Photo Credit: Khloe Kardashian Official Instagram