President Rodrigo Duterte has never shied away from sharing his opinion on women. Throughout the years, his brazen speeches have earned him both rowdy laughter at events and immense anger on social media. His staunchest critics call him a macho-fascist president, while his spokespersons simply refer to him as one who appreciates women.

Here are some of the President’s views on women, rape, and abuse:

1. “They will nominate, but I will choose, and I want a person who is admired by people because of his integrity. Of course it could not be a politician, especially not a woman.”

After then-Ombudsman Conchita Carpio-Morales retired, Duterte was set to choose her successor from a list of candidates submitted by the Judicial and Bar Council. He did not explain why he was adamant about not considering a female candidate, though he did say that he would not be consulting Carpio-Morales either. He eventually selected Supreme Court Associate Justice Samuel Martires for the post.

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