Arguments are a regular occurrence among siblings but celebrity sisters Marjorie and Gretchen Barretto are taking it to a whole new level.

The two have clashed several times on Instagram over the alleged involvement of Julia Barretto in Gerald Anderson’s split from Bea Alonzo. Julia released a statement explaining her side of the story last August 6, which Gretchen says was likely written by a paid ghost writer.

Marjorie, who happens to be Julia’s mother, took her sister’s shady comment in stride and added it to her Instagram bio for a while.

Though Marjorie already erased the line from her bio, it didn’t escape Gretchen’s notice. She edited her own bio in response, proudly calling herself a ghost buster.

Gretchen has been very critical of her niece’s actions in the midst of the Bea-Julia-Gerald drama. Her other sister Claudine also happens to be Team Bea, even sending Alonzo flowers and well wishes.

Photo Credit: Marjorie Barretto Official Instagram (@marjbarretto)