Darren Criss won his first Golden Globe bagging the Best Performance by an Actor in a Limited Series or a Motion Picture Made for Television award, for his role as Andrew Cunanan in The Assassination of Gianni Versace: American Crime Story. Last January 7, 2019, the actor made history as the first Filipino-American to win an award at the Golden Globes .

On his acceptance speech, Criss thanked those who are instrumental to his victory, his co-nominees and lastly, his Filipino mom.

Acknowledging his roots by proudly saying, “This has been a marvelous year for representation in Hollywood, and I am so enormously proud to be a teeny tiny part of that as the son of a firecracker Filipino woman from Cebu that dreamed of coming into this country and getting to be invited to cool parties like this.”

“Mom, I know you’re watching this, you’re hugely responsible for most of the good things in my life. I love you dearly, I dedicate this to you.” he humbly added.

Criss’ mother is a Spanish-Filipina who was born in Cebu but later migrated to the United States while his father is from Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania.

Backstage, he explained how proud he is to be a Filipino-American, “It’s a great privilege and it means the world to me. I’m very proud.” he said.

“If there’s any young (people), either half-Filipino or full, or anyone in the Filipino community that looks to my work as a source of inspiration or direction, sign me up,” he added.

On his tweet back in March 14, 2018. Criss said that one of his favorite things about himself is being half-Filipino.

Criss was known for his role Blaine on the American musical comedy-drama television series “Glee.”