Fans and fellow EXO members bid farewell to the group’s lead vocalist D.O. who was scheduled to begin mandatory military services.

Posing for the fans, the members show their love and support for D.O. with the caption, #weareoneEXO. But despite being a gloomy day, EXO-L’s all over the globe were in complete joy to see Lay (2nd member from the right) with the members in a group photo.

It has been a while since the members were seen together as Lay is currently promoting as a solo artist in China and the United States and was unable to join group comebacks ever since.

According to reports, Lay was only in South Korea for D.O. and was there for only 24 hours as fans spotted him at the Incheon International Airport in the evening catching a flight back to China.

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Although we did not get to see ot9 together as Xiumin already enlisted last May, we’re glad to see Lay with the other members and seeing D.O. off before he renders services to the military.

Photo credit: EXO Official Facebook Page