Travelling is one of the things that interest millennial today, but not the leisurely type of travel. They are now on the lookout for the authentic and experience-filled type of travel.

In the article “Millennial travelers look for adventure, experience” published in USA Today in June 2018, WYSE Travel Confederation content and social media coordinator Megan Janicke said that “exploring other cultures, learning about everyday life in another country and meeting locals, and increasing knowledge about others and oneself” are some of the top reasons why millennial want to travel.

This experience is known as Ethno-tourism, where aside from appreciating the spectacular tourist spots of the country, one gets a deeper understanding of the country’s culture by experiencing the locals’ way of living—an experience that the TFC Digital Short, “Diversity”, hopes to bring to its audiences.

“They say that experience is the best teacher. So we looked for foreign exchange students from different universities around Metro Manila who are up for some adventure and interested to know more about the Philippines by experiencing its culture,” said ABS-CBN Global Content Head Ned Legaspi.

Making the cut are foreign exchange students Lydia from Indonesia, JY from South Korea, and Santi from Spain. Aside from coming from different countries, one thing common about Lydia, JY, and Santi is their limited knowledge about Filipinos, who they mingle with every day in their respective universities.

Through the show, ‘Diversity’, they get a one-of-a-kind experience and learn about the Filipino culture as they immerse with the Aeta community in their recent visit in Tarlac. The Aeta are believed as one of the first groups of indigenous people who inhabited the Philippines and are identified with their dark complexion and kinky hair.

In the first two episodes of “Diversity”, they will be given a quick overview of the Philippines’ rich history. They also get to visit and bond with the young Aeta in their community school, which leaves them with realizations and an experience that instantly connects them to the community.

“We hope that through this show, we could encourage more foreign nationals not just to bask in the beauty of our country, but also to have an appreciation of the rich culture of the Filipinos,” Legaspi stated.

Want to get an idea for your next #TravelGoals with your squad? Then join Lydia, JY, and Santi in their enriching experience in Tarlac in the TFC Digital Short, “Diversity”, seen via TFC Online (, FREE for all registered users.