With all the drama that has unfolded since the issue between Bea Alonzo, Gerald Anderson, and Julia Barretto first came to light, it seems like Alonzo has truly had enough. Fans noticed that the Kapamilya actress has unfollowed both Anderson and Barretto on Instagram. A quick check revealed that the Between Maybes co-stars have also unfollowed Alonzo, but continue to follow one another.

The social media platform was where she first implied her knowledge of situation after photos of Anderson and Barretto leaving Rayver Cruz’s party together surfaced online.

Of the three, only Alonzo has directly spoken about the alleged cheating scandal. When asked, she explained that her long-time boyfriend had not even properly broken up with her. Instead, he had simply stopped speaking to her.

Anderson, on the other hand, evaded explaining if he had anything to do with Barretto’s own split from her love team partner, Joshua Garcia. He was used to issues in showbiz and just wanted to move forward on a positive note. He later added that the public should respect Barretto and Alonzo’s privacy.

Finally, Barretto has chosen to just focus on her work. She remains active on her social media accounts but has disabled comments on her Instagram. Meanwhile, Julia’s aunts Claudine and Gretchen have expressed their own support for Alonzo.

Photo Credit: Bea Alonzo Official Instagram (@beaalonzo)