Attention to all ARMYs out there!

First of all, it was recently announced that BTS will globally release their third movie entitled “Bring the Soul: The Movie” this coming August 7th (Tickets will go on sale July 3rd). Fans are expected to see the movie cover mainly the South Korean super group’s Love Yourself tour in Europe held last year as well as behind the scene conversations where the members open up on their experiences and feelings in being able to tour in new cities as well as perform in front of a continuously growing fanbase.

The upcoming movie’s official poster and information.
The official hashtag for the movie trending two hours after its announcement.

Back in 2018, BTS released an eight-episode YouTube Red series entitled “Burn the Stage”. This was then followed up by the release of their first concert-documentary film “Burn the Stage: The Movie” that very year which served as an extended version of the YouTube series. Then, just this January, their second film entitled “Love Yourself in Seoul” was released which focused more on their live concert performance (with a couple of behind the scenes footages) during the band’s Love Yourself Tour at the Seoul Olympic Stadium.

The official posters for the band’s first two movies.

“Burn the Stage: The Movie” was met with very high anticipation, so much so that it re-entered cinemas in December, a month after its original release, due to intense popular demand. It also became the highest grossing concert film, a first for any Asian act to do so, and surpassed One Direction’s “Where We Are – The Concert Film” which was released back in 2014. Meanwhile, “Love Yourself in Seoul” also had to re-enter cinemas a month after its original one-day release in January due to demand.

You can go and check out the movie’s official website ( for more information and updates.

Min Yoon-gi or better know as SUGA.

And in other BTS-related news, it was also just recently announced that producer Suga is back in town! This time, his latest producer and co-composer masterpiece will be Heize’s “We Don’t Talk Together” which will be released on July 7th.

Suga has previously worked as a producer on the tracks “Wine” and “Eternal Sunshine” by Suran and Epik High respectively. Plus, apart from being featured on the track, he was also the co-composer for Lee So-ra’s “Song Request”. In 2017, he won his first individual award for Best Producer at the annual Melon Music Awards.

Photo Credits: @bts_bighit