Imagine yourself in a concert gig, preferably of a favorite band, and as you sway your head from side to side, eyes closed, while indulging in the music that’s been your inspiration every dang time, someone brushes their arms on yours. You open your eyes and see this young boy swaying his head, like you, in the rhythm. At first, you don’t mind, but when he opens his eyes and sees you, he smiles, the kind of smile that makes your stomach full of butterflies. After the electrifying moment, time passes and you didn’t know you already learned his favorite food and the thing he is most scared of.

As cheesy and romantic as it sounds, this might be the storyline of the film where the band Ben & Ben is appearing.

Titled “LSS” (Last Song Syndrome), the film features Gabbi Garcia and Khalil Ramos as two individuals who, “in a series of missed connections, dreamers Zak and Sarah get into a whirlwind romance as they follow the band Ben & Ben.”

Directed by Jade Castro, and produced by Globe Studios, Dokimos Media Studio, and Ben&Ben, the film is set to be a movie musical.

LSS is also the first team-up movie of Gabbi Garcia and her rumored boyfriend Khalil Ramos. Both actors expressed their excitement on each of their Instagram accounts regarding the project.

The film is one of the finalists, along with two more announced films and five more to-be-announced films in June, in Pista ng Pelikula ng Pilipino which will run from September 13 to 19.

Photo Credit: Ben&Ben Facebook Page