Wave is yet to make her superhero debut in the Marvel Universe, but the character’s co-creator already has someone in mind to portray the character.

Marvel unveiled the first image of the new comic superhero on twitter earlier this month, two months before the release of the “War of the Realms: New Agents of Atlas,” the upcoming series where she is a member of an all-Asian Superhero Squad.

The tweet got thousands of reactions from the Filipinos, acknowledging the momentous event in the superhero universe and the Filipino community as well. Sure enough, local celebrities made their reactions public and online. One celebrity that certainly caught the attention of Wave’s co-creator is Angel Locsin. Replying to the artwork on twitter, she said: “I’m excited to learn more about this character! I [love] that her weapon of choice is a Kampilan, which is believed to be the sword Lapu-Lapu used to strike down Ferdinand Magellan. So, [thumbs up] for that! Regarding her costume, I wonder what’s the inspiration behind the design?”

After over a week, Leinil Yu, the Filipino artist who designed Wave’s character together with Marvel Comics writer Greg Pak, replied to the actress’ tweet, which surprised the “The General’s Daughter” star.

“It’s a collaboration of ideas between me, greg and Marvel editorial. Would love to see you as Wave, Angel!” he said.

Locsin shared the conversation thread on her Instagram Stories, saying: “Can’t stop smiling. Thank you, Sir @leinilyu for the wonderful reply.”