The Swedish band is set to release a song this coming September or October 2019.

The band originally planned to give two new songs last year but now, Bjorn Ulvaeus has confirmed that of the two songs they were planning to release last year, one will be released in September or October.

The titles of the songs are reportedly, ‘I Still Have Faith In You’ and ‘Don’t Shut Me Down’.

Their band, ABBA, disbanded on 1982. Their last public performance was in 1986 and their last album entitled ‘The Visitors’ was released in 1981.

In an interview years after the band members found their separate ways, Agnetha Faltskog stated that she thinks that they should just accept that them getting together was not going to happen because they’ve been separated for a long time.

With hope, maybe this get together of ABBA will let them continue making new music just like how they did before.

Photo Credit: ABBA’s Official Facebook Page