After decades of inactivity, the Taal Volcano erupted on January 12, 2020. It spewed a 100-meter ash cloud that caused a massive ash fall and affected many residents. Due to the exposure of sulfuric material, many residents near the Taal Lake area left their homes and evacuated, while the rest (from those nearby Batangas to the residents of Metro Manila) braced for the eruption’s fallout.

While volcano activity from Taal is no point of stopping, there are glimmers of hope that sprung at the sight of disaster. Here are some Filipinos (or at least what we’ve compiled from social media) that deserve a tap on the back for being modern day heroes.

1. Angel Efryl Castillo & Family Of Bauan, Batangas

Props to Angel and her family for utilizing their eatery as a place to provide free food for the evacuees.

Photo Source: Angel Efryl Castillo